You’re not eating enough protein

Yes, your body needs protein and the amino acids it’s composed of to do some pretty essential things, like building muscles and synthesizing hormones and neurotransmitters.

No, you most likely are NOT deficient in protein.
No, vegetarians are NOT predominantly deficient in protein.

Some Fundamental Truths

In the United States, relatively small percentages of males (0.6%-5.9%) and females (1.8%-6.9%) had intakes below the estimated average requirement. (

The Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is .8g per/1k of body weight.
There are 9 essential amino acids: This means that your body cannot produce them and must get these specific amino acids from food sources.
Are all complete proteins
While, animal protein sources are more likely to be complete on their own, eating a variety of vegetable protein sources easily meets the recommended dietary allowance for protein.
Rice and Beans
Spirulina mixed with Grains, Nuts, or Seeds
Are some simple ways to combine foods to get your essential amino acids. And you don’t need even need to eat them together or at the same time.
We don’t eat foods in isolation. Maybe its time to stop thinking of them that way.

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